Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Soul of Whitney

My sister Christy gave these verses at Whitney's memorial service in Shove Chapel.

* * *

At these times we feel at a loss for words to express the depths of our feeling and sorrow, so I have taken the liberty to draw liberally from the work of Kahil Gibran in composing this memorial poem to Whitney.

* * *

And the God of Gods created the soul of Whitney,
Fashioning it for beauty. He gave unto Whitney the
Gentleness of a breeze at dawn, the scent of Colorado Mountain Wildflowers, and the Loveliness of moonlight.

He gave unto Whitney, also, the cup of Joy;
That she could drink fully from this cup, and so that
She could share this joy with David, Clelia, Wes, Marina, and all who touched her life.

He also gave unto Whitney, and now to us, the cup of sorrow, saying Drink, that you may understand the meaning of Joy.

But God also bestowed within the soul of Whitney a
Love so immense and enduring that no sorrow could ever diminish it, and a Sweetness, that would flee from the first word of arrogance.

He made a heavenly sign to guide her in the path of Truth.

He placed in her depths an eye that would behold the unseen.

He created within her a fancy to flow like a river with phantoms and angels.

He clothed her in the garments of
Longing and inquisitiveness,
Kindness and generosity,
And a serenity and gentle humility.

This He had the angels weave for her from the rainbow.

And God gave her Life, which is the shadow of Death.
And the God of Gods looked down, smiled and

For He knew he had created in Whitney a Soul so eternal and so enduring that cradled within it was a boundless love that would encircle Clelia, David, Marina and Wes endlessly throughout time.

We gather today to give thanks, that we were able to share this gift, on loan to us for too short a time from the Heavens, of Whitney deMoraes Hendrickson.